At Heartleaf, we offer three program levels, or groups, for children ages 0-12 using a center-based model of ABA therapy. Our programs are:

These groups focus on age and educationally appropriate skills, like building blocks, to help your child reach developmental milestones, gain new coping skills and, address behavioral concerns.

As your child progresses, their group and individual care plan will be adjusted by their BCBA. The number of hours with our team may also be reduced based on their needs. For example, a child who needs 30 hours of therapy per week at age 3, may only need 15 hours of therapy at age 6.

How Do We Decide Where Your Child Starts?

Our program levels are loosely based on age range, but, our initial assessment as well as your input will help us determine the best group for your child’s needs. From there, they will be matched with a board-certified behavioral analyst (BCBA) and a registered behavioral technician (RBT). Their BCBA/RBT team will work with them individually and will assist them during group learning activities.

The BCBA/RBT will also work with you, the parent or guardian, to help transfer skills from the Heartleaf center to your home. As your child grows, we’ll use their progress and your feedback to adjust their individual care plan, therapy hours, and program level.

What Is Center-Based ABA Therapy?

Center-based ABA is a form of behavioral therapy that takes place in a facility outside the client’s home. It functions similarly to a specialized daycare where children receive a both group and individual learning. Like home-based ABA, each child is matched with a care team made up of a BCBA, who creates their care plan, and RBTs who help with day-to-day skill building. Research indicates that center-based aba therapy can provide additional benefits like:

  • Socialization opportunities
  • A structured and controlled environment
  • Daily supervision from BCBAs
  • Experience adjusting to a school-like setting
  • Sensory toys and learning materials that may not be available at home
  • Dedicated caregiver education hours and family learning time