Readiness Program

Recommended for ages 0-3

Approximate Care Hours: 30-40+

Our Readiness Program is designed for children 0-3 years old with suspected or diagnosed ASD. The program focuses on early intervention to prepare your child for a normal preschool setting. Though most children are not diagnosed with ASD until age 4, an early intervention program can give your child a head start and help them meet the developmental milestones they need before enrolling in public or private school.

Early intervention ABA therapy has many well-documented benefits for children on the spectrum. In fact, research indicates that regular, intensive therapy can help children with ASD catch up to typically-developing children (those without ASD or other development/behavioral conditions) by age 6-7.

Individualized treatment plans are created for each student within our Readiness Program. However, the most common areas of focus include self-help/coping skills, social skills, and speech/language skills. We will also provide a recommendation for the number of hours your child should be enrolled in our program each week. Most children in an early intervention program qualify for 30-40 hours of care with the hours being reduced around age 5.

Image Credit: Stephen Andrews