Underpinnings Program

Recommended for ages 4-6

Approximate Care Hours: 25+

Children ages 4-6, including graduates of our Readiness Program, qualify for our Underpinnings classroom. This program focuses on advancing social skills to help your child transition into a normal school environment. Practicing social skills at an early age helps your child plant the seeds of lasting relationships, develop comfortable routines, catalog appropriate behaviors and develop social self-awareness.

The Underpinning Program provides each child with a learning “buddy”, forming a secure 1:1 pod for your child to practice their social, interactive, learning & play skills. Each child within a pod has their own Registered Behavioral Therapist (RBT) for individualized learning time. Most commonly in this classroom, we aim to increase a child’s independence and participation skills while reducing behavioral concerns. However, as with our Readiness Program, each child is assessed and our treatment team will work with you (the parent or caregiver) to determine age and skill-level appropriate goals.

Image Credit: Lucas Alexander