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Covering The Cost of Therapy

Therapy for children with Autism can be expensive but, their are resources to help cover costs. Private insurance companies like, Aetna or BCBS, as well as state insurance programs, including Medicaid, cover ABA therapy services and may cover, or partially cover Speech therapy, OT or PT.

Less traditional therapies like Music therapy, Equestrian therapy, or Yoga are often not covered by insurance even though research suggests these therapy options may be beneficial, especially when combined with traditional therapy.

Below is a list of programs providing grants or scholarships to assist in covering the cost of diagnosis, treatment, and other medical expenses. Eligibility for funding typically requires the applicant to upload proof of Autism diagnosis and some may request proof of income to verify financial need.

Provides grants of up to $2,000 per dependent child. If you are applying for multiple dependents (children) at least one must have an Autism diagnosis. Proof diagnosis is required and families will be asked to provide a copy of the diagnosis when they apply. Eligible families must reside within New England. Families are not eligible for grant funding two years in a row.

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United Healthcare Children’s Foundation provides grant funding for children up to age 16. Families applying for grants must meet income requirements which can be viewed here. UHCF will provide up to $5,000 per year in funding and up to $10,000 in lifetime funding.

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ACT is a non-profit organization that provides grants of up to $5,000 for families with dependents on the Autism spectrum.  Families throughout the United States are eligible and funds are awarded on a quarterly basis. ACT has been providing families with assistance for nearly 20 years. They have helped more than 1,562 families and provided more than $1.85 million in funding for services.

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Know Autism is a non-profit organization with a number of programs offering financial assistance to families affected by Autism. These include the Autism Diagnostic Assistance Program which helps cover costs associated with receiving an Autism diagnosis for your child; the Tuition & Therapy Assistance Program aimed at assisting families seeking treatment for ASD; and the Special Interest Fund that subsidizes costs for programs like yoga or horseback riding which may not fall under traditional therapy coverage.

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CARE offers grant funding to any family residing in the US with a child on the Autism spectrum. There is no state residential requirement or application deadline for funding. Families must make $75, 000 or less to be eligible for assistance.

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MCHAT At-Home Autism Screening

It can be challenging to  know what’s “normal” developmental behavior and what’s not. Every child will grow and learn differently, but there are some signs that could indicate a need for additional monitoring or Autism testing. The M-CHAT Self Assessment tool is a 20 question at home screening tool created by Diana L. Robins, Ph.D. The screener is designed to help parents know if it’s time to start looking for assessment services.

Additional Resouces

Beaming Health

Beaming Health is an online data base of Autism resources. Families can search for things like SLP, Diagnostics and more based on their location and insurance carrier.

As You Are

As You Are offers telehealth Autism evaluations using ADOS-II testing. Insurance, including Medicaid, is accepted and appointments are available immediately.